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Bringing ART to LIFE with movement, colours and sound.

Meet the augmented reality app-ARTIVIVE. Thank you Artivive for helping me to expand my work. The following examples are from the Visual Duet exhibition (Emma Hack & Bella Volen) at the Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt. Our exhibition is there till 10.September 2017.


May the forest be with you.

Sometimes I ask myself what the trees have seen, how much they know...

The forest is always a perfect location to escape from technology, the battles of the modern world, just to enjoy stillness, and the windblown woods. I wish you all the keep a part of the forest in you.

Painting & video: Bella Volen

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Painted at Ozora Festival official

Booking Agency WB Production

Performer: Daniel Schatzdorfer


An exhibition by Emma Hack & Bella Volen

Location: State Gallery in Klagenfurt / Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt

Time: 24.July-10.September 2017

Nequaquam vacuum-Nowhere Is Emptiness

Painting & bodypainting video by Bella Volen

Created for the press conference of the World Bodypainting Festival

on 24.July 2017 in the City Gallery of Klagenfurt.

Model: Raphaela

21.June 2017



Music video

Idea, painting, video: Bella Volen

Music from the album CLUB DIVINE vol.2 Spread Your Love

The song Colors was composed by Claus O. Riedl,

produced by REDPMUSIC, Arpad Hadnagy,

3.-6. July

Worksops in Paris, France for SLA Academy


Fine art body painting at an exhibition opening of The Lake-Blue Heaven, International Spring Art Salon

Bodypainting, painting & video: Bella Volen

Qingdao, China

May 2017


I participated with this installation and two other canvas paintings.

The invited artists came from all around the world.

The painting is a cityscape with a few famous places in Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China.

Since Qingdao was the birthplace of Taoism/Daoism/ the center of the painting is a Tao temple. The word Dao means way/path, therefore the central part is a path through the temple, symbolically a way through many gates and stages of life, personal, emotional and spiritual growth as human nature, beings, cultures, and countries, but also the path of the inner world of our own body as a temple of the human spirit, power, mind, faith and duality. All these elements of human nature cannot be easily grasped, explained or understood, their existence is similar to beauty or art-it is only in the eyes of the beholder.

CD Cover & music promotion video for CLUB DIVINE vol.1 Good Life


Album available here:

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play , DjShop, Spotify, Deezer

Making of video

Body painting meets biology & physics. Art & science melting in one.

Camouflage, event commercial body painting for The Austrian Economy Chambers - WKO, 3 days trade show in Klagenfurt in February 2017.

As always my booking agent: WB Production

February 2017
New Video from a 2015 ROMEO & JULIET theater-dance production with professional dancers, actors and performers with a handicap.

January 2017


Fine art body painting video by Bella Volen.

30.November 2016

The Life Of The Atoms In Love

Fine art body painting video by Bella Volen. Two scientists exploring love, biology and physics.

Art meets science.

6.November 2016


A new video from an art installation commission for Ozora Festival.

August 2016, Ozora, Hungary

31.October 2016

The video of a commission in Thailand is ready.




Paintloon-Balloon Art Project in Thailand

at Central East Ville Festival, Bangkok, Thailand


 31.Mai-5.June, 2016


Addiction-Escape From Yourself

Created by Bella Volen in September 2016

A visual poem-short film.

This is an anti addiction art project. The statistics about alcohol abuse are shocking. Almost every person has had a friend or a family member, who have struggled with it, or lost the battle. My visual poem shows more or less a surreal vision of the world of an addicted person. The text afterwards is inspirational for those, who feel lost. This poem is a result of the pain I went trough of not being able to help people I care about with addiction. I hope there are others ready for a change. Please share it with people suffering from addiction. We have to work on creating a world, where children are taken so good care of, that the distruction and isolation have no chance to grow.


Painting, idea, bodypainting, camera, video edit, photos, poem, text, voice: Bella Volen

Actor: Benedek Nagy

Male voices: Craig Tracy & Jake Goldwasser



Music video for Katharina Meerle Wickel,,

Fine art body painting & video: Bella Volen

Vienna, Austria, July 2016

ONENESS-A message to the world, a short visual story by painter Bella Volen.


Collection Life Steps

Vienna, July 2016


Oneness is the state of being completely united with the outer, and inner world, oneness is love & care, connection & reflection. Only together we are stronger.


Models: Anna, Ela, Nicole, Lisa, Alex, Julia

Helping angels on set: Shlomit Migay & Toma Sussi

Music: Katharina Meerle Wickel

The Jungle Book
Disney press conference

Madrid, Spain on 12 April 2016



A total work of art performance with live electronics, contemporary dance, painting and body painting.
Music: Sven Helbig,
Production & director: Anja Kozik Oxymoron Dance Company,

Dancers: Raha Nejad, U-Gin Boateng, Luana Rossetti
Painting, costume, body painting, camera, cut: Bella Volen
Eisenhütenstadt, Germany, February 2016


Collection Life Steps
Fine art body painting & video by Bella Volen

Vienna, Austria, March 2016

Dedicated to a friend and her fight against cancer

Light From Within

Collection Life Steps
Fine art body painting visual poem & video by Bella Volen

Dedicated to the dark moments in life.

February 2016, Vienna, Austria

Exhibition Promo- The United Nations Peace Memorial

Painting for the United Nations Memorial in Busan, South Korea

A video by WB-Production

October 2015


23.10.2015, South Korea

Painting for the United Nations Memorial in Busan, South Korea

A video by Bella Volen

Painting in Korea

16.10.2015, South Korea
Life painting for an art show KMAA in Seoul

Representing The World Bodypainting Association

A short video by Bella Volen

The New Path

Private commission body painting making of

October 2015, Vienna

Lost Paradise

Fine art body painting illusion.

Painted in August 2015 on a beach in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.

Summer Breeze

Fine art body painting illusion.

Painted in August 2015 on a beach in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.



Painted at Ozora Festival 2015 in Hungary

More Than Words

Fine art body painting installation & video by Bella Volen


The Writer of Your Story is You

Fine art body painting installation & video by Bella Volen


Inner Waves

Fine art body painting installation & video by Bella Volen



A transformation of female models and music instrument.

Sensual eARTh

Bodypainting movie & video by Bella Volen



This work has been inspired by the symbols of the Finnish epic poetry  Kalevala and the Seraphim: a celestial, heavenly being in Christianity and Judaism.

Bodypainting Dance Performance Paintloon ART by Bella Volen



Paintloon is a creative idea of fine artist and body painter Bella Volen.


Paintloon is painting on a balloon. It can be a combination of fine art, body painting, fashion and balloon sculpting. With latex modeling balloons details, objects, accessories complete costumes are made, which creates an extension for the body paint or fine artist to paint on, allowing the ability to merge the body or composition fully with any additional parts into one design.


Thi Paintloon is combined with LED light in the balloon costume, but it could be also painted with UV active paint and glow under UV light.


This unique and new art form is offered only by Bella. Combined with a professional dancer and perfect sound, this creation brings a magical effect to every event. & video by Bella Volen

The video of this work was filmed and edited by the wonderful NINC!


Animal Body Painting Video by Bella Volen in South Korea Seoul 2014

Bodypainting demonstration & video by Bella Volen



Bella Voles is a professional visual artist and spent the month of October 2014 in South Korea, where she created art projects and gave Workshops, representing WBA- World Bodypainting Academy.

This work was a demonstration painting, which Bella created for one of her workshops in Seoul.


Body painting Event Living Art America- TV Segment 11alive Atlanta Tv

TV Show in Atlanta, USA



Body painting in a TV segment presenting The Chelko Foundation and The North American Body Painting Championship Living Art America. Organizer Randi Layne speaks about the event. Bella Volen shows her paintloon balloon dress and body painting and artist Yolanda Bartram presents her body art with amazing special effects. Bella Volen's page: Living Art America:


Body painting making of by BELLA VOLEN
We Are A Part Of Nature


An Installation created for Bulgarian TV



Often we are busy with past problems or future plans and forget one main thing- We Are a Part Of Nature, not apart from nature. This is also the name of this work. The nature is also a part of us. Sing a song in your own way. The perception is the key.

Bella Volen lives in Vienna Austria and works with different media as cooks work with different flavours.

Body  painting will be created only with special body painting colors. The camera man has filmed twice acrylic paint too- this one was used for the forest background, which was painted on canvas. The rest of the backdrop was painted on hand made Korean Painter with a brush and ink. Video by Dimitar Hristov.

Painrloon Fashion Show

World Bodypainting Festival

Austria 201o

Bodypainting Paintloon Fashion Show by Bella Volen and Guido Verhoef


Commercial Body Painting for Red Bull
4k resolution live streaming between Austria and The Netherlands



13.-14. August: Event painting for RED BULL in Hangar 7 for the first 4k resolution live sreaming.

We painted in the Red Bull Museum in Salzburg, Austria and it was aired live in Amsterdam at a high

technology trade show.


Commercial body painting for Fashion Tv, Fashion Cafe Vienna


TV SHOW in THAILAND with Bella Volen



In 2011 Bellla Volen was invited twice to Thailand to present her work as a body painter. This is one of the most popular Tv shows in Thailand. The painting was created as a promotion for the coming International Samui Body Painting Festival.

This is Big Mum Tv show with the Thai star comedians Mum Jokmok, Ball & actor-singer Andy Kempimook


One more body painting in a TV show in THAILAND with Bella Volen /with making of/



In 2011 Bellla Volen was invited twice to Thailand to present her work as a body painter. This is one of the most popular games & comedy evening Tv shows in Thailand.


Paintloon Visual Prayer-Fashion Body Painting in Vienna



Paintloon Shooting making of and Interview with the artist Bella Volen about her work.

Video by Dmitri Moisseev & Julie Boehm


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Booking agency WB-Production