Commercial use of Body Painting


  • Events (with or without company logos)
  • Advertising photo shootings and commercial videos
  • Trade shows
  • Festivals
  • Performance with UV light body painting or with normal body painting colors
  • Music videos, tv spots, fashion shows, films, theater, posters, book or cd covers
  • Paintloon costumes and sculptures with or without led lights
  • Parties with body painted dancers, singers, actors
  • Visitors body painting (The guests choose a part of the face, arms or shoulders, which can be painted)
  • Private photo shooting


Whether you use body painting as an artistic feature or as a pure promotional tool - body painting is as a chameleon, and offers a great number of possibilities to be used in your business.


The most special thing about body painting is the living nature of the artwork as it can move, dance, perform, sing, talk, promote and present. It is a high form a transformation.


A body-painting-design that fits the theme of any event will underline it, create a special atmosphere and will catch every customers eye. This is the reason why body painting is THE perfect promotional- and marketing tool.


Bella Volen provides body painting for major events, art shows, clubbing, trade-fairs, product presentations, fashion related shows, and music & video productions. These kinds of events need always something new, memorable and unique.


The artworks can either be produced "live" in front of an audience, or backstage within a certain time deadline.




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