Commercial use of Body Painting


  • Events (with or without company logos)
  • Advertising photo shootings and commercial videos
  • Trade shows
  • Festivals
  • Performance with UV light body painting or with normal body painting colors
  • Music videos, tv spots, fashion shows, films, theater, posters, book or cd covers
  • Paintloon costumes and sculptures with or without led lights
  • Parties with body painted dancers, singers, actors
  • Visitors body painting (The guests choose a part of the face, arms or shoulders, which can be painted)
  • Private photo shooting


Whether you use body painting as an artistic feature or as a pure promotional tool - body painting is as a chameleon, and offers a great number of possibilities to be used in your business.


The most special about body painting is the creation of a living artwork that can move, dance, perform, sing, talk, promote and present. It is a high form a transformation.


A body-painting-design that fits the theme of your event will underline it, create a special atmosphere and will catch every customers eye. This is the reason why body painting is THE perfect promotional- and marketing tool.


Bella Volen provides body painting for major events, art shows, clubbing, trade-fairs, product presentations, fashion related shows, and music & video productions. This kind of events need always something new and special.


The artworks can either be produced "live" in front of an audience, or backstage within a certain time deadline.






Charity Photo Calender 2017

for Kiddy Ribbon, Austrian Cancer Help


Bodypainting & photos: Bella Volen

The following photos have been made for my archive. They are not the official calender photos. This charity project has been organized by Karin Eisenbock



Trade Shows


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