What is

fine art body painting?


Fine art body painting is a delicate art work full of style,where the body and its possible sex appeal, gender and shapes are transformed into canvas. Very often this style of work is combined with a painted background or merging in a cityscape, landscape or a living situation. It could incorporate the space and objects into the artwork. There is a connection between fine art body painting, assemblage and  the creation of illusions between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional surfaces. One of the main elements in this art movement is the harmony of shapes, rhythm and colors.


My fine art body painting often combines painted canvas works, painted human bodies and music instruments or other objects merging in one composition. These works, when photographed and printed on canvas or fine art paper are ready to be exhibited or hung in private homes or corporate buildings.

A good parallel to fine art body painting is the haute couture in the fashion industry. This art form combines the highest quality, smart concepts, delicate color choice, cultured taste, and design knowledge. Fine art body painting photos HERE.


Why book fine art body painting?


Fine art body painting is perfect for CD covers, theater or event posters, music videos, museum openings, galleries, upscale events searching for a magnificent art, art movies, theater and ballet productions, book covers and art magazines. There is something very special and intriguing about the merging of a human body and fine art.


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