What are some of the funniest things that have happened when in in the process of making a paintloon or body painting?


Honestly there is nothing funny about it. The process of twisting the balloons can be long and often painful on the fingers. The balloons are very sensitive to weather changes and touch, so if the temperature differences are big they can pop. When this happens after they are already painted, it might be funny for the observers, but not for me;).


A Paintloon takes many hours of work. I have fun when the work is done and I am relaxing and looking at the final photos.


A body painting work could be between 3 (very fast) and 8 hours (normal for a fine art shooting). A paintloon costume alone can take about 12 hours or more.


I am a very funny and joyful person in private, but when I work, I always want to go the extra mile and deliver the best possible quality, so I am serious while working.




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