How did you develop into a body painter and then decide to add balloons?


I don’t call my self a body painter. I am a painter, a visual artist, a fine artist, a visual cook using a mix of flavors in the form of different media as tools to express my visions. One day I might do more movies, or books, or go back to sculpture or start architecture projects, who knows.


The step between classical painting and body painting is very small. . It’s a similar comparison to an author who wants to write poetry instead of another novel, or a painter changing from oil, to acrylics or to body painting. The products are different, however the product’s quality and design tactics are the same.


I never searched for body painting or balloon art. They crossed my path, and I gave it a try. After finding success with these techniques, I kept them as permanent experiments.


In 2009, I was invited to an event in Shanghai, China for body painting and balloon art, but as separate art forms. I thought I should combine them in one, so I spoke with the organizer, Guido Verhoef from The Netherlands, and soon after we created a few works together. I made the design, he shaped the balloons, then I painted them and took the photos. Unfortunately, as we lived in different countries, our continued work together became difficult. In 2011, however, I began my own experimenting with balloons, continuing this project alone.



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