How would you describe your style?


My work has a few different directions. I am mostly interested in a total work of art, where two and three-dimensional objects blend, as music and painting have the same beat and rhythm, a human is involved, a fresh smell could help too.

My art education started when I was 12 years old. As I have worked with many different mediums, the medium itself is only a tool to express a certain thought or to catch a moment. Classical art directions like canvas painting, print making, figure drawing, or sculpting have always been in my strengths, so I needed to find something which will be a challenge, something new.

The tea ceremony, or the tea path is a tradition very close to my heart. It is very much what I am doing.



If asked

the nature of chanoyu (tea path)

say it's the sound

of windblown pines

in a painting


~Sen Sotan, (1578-1658)



My work is like a symphony played by an orchestra, or a tree in the fog creating sounds if as played by an orchestra. It is complex, with many layers of colors and patterns involved; yet it is beautiful, strange, very human, but very foreign.

One of the most important goals in my art is the impact on the observer. I want every origin and age group to look my pieces and enjoy them. My painted canvases are colorful, my painted bodies are dressed in patterns; they are not naked. I cherish old traditions, new ideas, style and knowledge.





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