What inspires you?


If asked

the nature of chanoyu (tea ceremony)

say it's the sound

of windblown pines

in a painting


~Sen Sotan, (1578-1658)


And this is what I am trying to create, paintings, which are alive. I am always working on the „windblown trees“ in my work.


My inspiration comes from different elements. One of them is music. There is music, which is just nice, but there is also music, which gives me visions and this is one of my biggest inspirations. All I need is to close my eyes and different, moving and floating images are flying in my mind.


The inspiration is like rays of light and the artist needs to develop the ability to be able to fine tune the mind frequency in a way similar to a pure radio station receiving them anytime. This is often one of the differences between a professional and not professional artist. The professional is able to find inspiration and create at any condition.


Science, Asian cultures, philosophy, strange movies and exotic nature are also very inspiring for me.






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